About Us


Smoke Smart, located in Dallas TX, is a worldwide provider of premium quality electronic cigarette products, accessories and refills.


Our experience in the electronic cigarette industry, since 2008, gives us the privilege to supply the biggest line of high quality products for the electronic cigarette on the market; together with technical support and customer service supported by an international full warranty on our products for one (1) entire year.


The electronic cigarette industry has gone through a remarkable improvement within the last 9 years, unlike today, in the first "market breakthrough" year (2008) the electronic cigarette industry was not as familiar and known to some parties including the FDA, which tried to regulate it. Today, after years of testimonials and experiments, the FDA recognizes our electronic cigarette as an alternative to smoking devices; our products are approved by "ROHS directive" and "CE Marking" in almost 30 countries. Today, most, if not all of the public "non smoking" areas, will accept electronic cigarette smoking. 


Smoke Smart Electronic Cigarette, as a high-end technology is an eco- friendly, green product, that will provide people the benefit of enjoying a better life, without smoking chemical based cigarettes, by reducing the pollution, enjoying the habit of smoking without any noxious chemicals and eliminating second hand smoke.   We, at Smoke Smart, took it one step forward by using higher quality natural ingredients like Vegetable Glycerin, compared to Propylene Glycol on our E-Liquids. That way it's not surprising that most of the pulmonologists and respiratory physicians highly recommend the electronic cigarette to patients who are having a hard time quitting traditional smoking. Furthermore, on top of the health, environment and social benefits you have with "Smoke Smart" Electronic Cigarette, a smoker can save more than 70% of the money spent on his traditional cigarettes just by switching to a safer alternative to traditional smoking.


Smoke Smart’s goal is to provide great customer service by supplying high-end technology, premium quality electronic cigarette products, and the biggest variety of accessories and refills, to our valuable growing customer base all around the world. Part of this is to be able to provide high quality service online and through responsible, reliable and professional operators, in higher end major shopping centers. This way every costumer can verify the closest operators, location of "Smoke Smart" and get a face-to-face explanation and demonstrations of new products as well as saving more time and money without the need to ship products or waiting for the mailman to deliver them.






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